Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Everybody seems to linking to Billmon's excellent deconstruction of the possibility of a U.S. nuclear attack on Iran and the results with regards to foreign policy, the economy and international relations, so I might as well do the same:

Mutually Assured Dementia

Maybe it's just me, but I've been at least a little bit surprised by the relatively muted reaction to the news that the Cheney Administration and its Pentagon underlings are racing to put the finishing touches on plans for attacking Iran – plans which may include the first wartime use of nuclear weapons since Nagasaki.

I mean, what exactly does it take to get a rise out of the media industrial complex these days? A nuclear first strike against a major Middle Eastern oil producer doesn't ring the bell? Must every story have a missing white woman in it before the cable news guys will start taking it seriously?

The fact that the corporate media has failed to go bonkers over something as signifigant as nuclear war is an interesting question. But I'm not sure that coverage would change anything. At this point- with five years of living under this administration in the tank- I'd say there's very little that could or would keep them from using nuclear weapons as Syd Hersh reported.

Consider the counter arguments to nuking Iran:

International Treaties- Practically the first act taken by this administration when they slithered into office was to announce that they were pulling out of the Kyoto global warming treaties.

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