Monday, March 20, 2006

These are not the droids you're looking for.

I see the White House spinners are up to their old Jedi mind tricks:

The president continues yet another series of speeches on Iraq — there have been several similar blitzes in the last year — Monday at the City Club of Cleveland. He planned to take questions about his war policy and other topics from the audience in the heavily Democratic city.

See he's confronting the war the war critics by going to a heavily Democratic city to give the speech. Sort of a "Bring it on Cindy Sheehan!"

Great. Will he be meeting with said critics while in Cleveland?

Well, no.

Well, then will he be meeting with an audience that isn't his usual group of hand-picked Republican sycophants?

Not really, no.

Will he at least see the protestors outside of the event?

Are you kidding? They'll be cordoned off in a "free-speech" zone about 20 miles from the speech.

But at least we found out that the AP Reporter takes great stenography. I hope Scott McClellan gave him a doggy biscuit for rolling over and sitting like a good boy.

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