Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Now you go home and write "I am very sorry for what I did to Frosty" a hundred zillion times.

One reason I haven't blogged much (besides work) is that I mostly blog about politics and the state of politics right now makes my heart hurt too damned much.

I didn't expect to get everything I wanted with the new administration, but on the other hand I didn't expect that there would be absolutely no consequences to the last election. None.

I've volunteered on campaigns and held elective office in the democratic party since I turned 18. I have never felt like my time spent was worthless, even after some spectacular defeats for the candidates I've supported. That is; until now.

The pattern is clear. Republicans take power every few years and fuck everything up. Democrats then take power a few years later and simply slow Republican screw ups, rather than work to correct them. I'm tired of having Democratic rule be nothing more than a Time Out for GOP disasters.

In supporting Lieberman over me the president and the D.C. establishment have turned their back on me. There will come a time when that establishment comes back to us and expects our support or our vote.

In response I respectively say they can kiss our ass. You turned your back on us.

My blogging will be restricted to movies, games, pop culture and Lady Gaga in the future. Politics are worthless.

UPDATE: Lockwood comes to much the same conclusion.

UPDATE 2: I forgot to add to this post that this decision didn't come without considering the consequences to the Democratic party or President Obama of people like me checking out. With the retirement of more and more Blue Dog Dems, the push to pass a crappy healthcare bill that will actually HURT voters, Obama's center-right approach to governing and weak cowtailing to assholes like Sustak, Nelson and Lieberman it's increasingly likely Dems could even lose the House next year.

In such case with the batshit crazy GOP we have now President Obama will be impeached. The reason for impeachment, as in the case of Clinton, will be immaterial. The Right is truly radicalized to the point that any tools to exercise power that they control will be exercised. They can't help themselves.

In such case President Obama will be turning to his base for support just as Clinton did when the GOP went after him. I don't expect we'll be there for Obama in the same way this time around. He'll have no one to blame but himself for this. He turned his back on us first.


Lockwood said...

I can relate, 100% (earlier today, in fact). The news itself isn't terribly predictable (though I think Traitor Joe's egotistical assholiness was), but it's nature is: unmitigated disaster.

Fran said...

You could change the name of your blog to "Lady Gaga's Office" but it just is not the same.

I know I am an inconsistent - hell, mostly absent reader, but I like your blog.

Write about whatever the hell you want!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel silly for blogging about fluff - but it's for the same reason.. I can't deal with all the important stuff.

Don Snabulus said...

They have been a sorry lot...basically doing the bidding of their corporate sponsors. It looks like Howard Dean has your back, but I don't know if it will be enough to finish with a decent bill.

If they've lost a supporter like you, the Dems have really screwed up.

Randal Graves said...

Does this mean that you are finally embracing the Holy Dogma Of Supreme Cynicism? Sniff. I'm so proud of you. Sob. No, no, those are tears of joy.

Christian Zamora said...

Whatever you feel about politics and pop culture, just keep it going. You do a nice thing when you put both in a blender. Really.

Lemmy Caution said...

Don't blame you at all. Finding differences between Republicans and Democrats in office is all but impossible to do anymore. They are all part of the same horrible joke. Sadly, it's on us.

Dean Wormer said...


Yup. Joe's just the most obvious example. He shits on the base of the party and they pat him on the back. When we complain they tell us to shut up. Fuck 'em.


Ha! Lady Gaga's Office it is. I'm sure I'll write something about politics in the future since it's in my DNA but it's just all so awful.

Good to see you, btw.


Agreed. It's just a hopeless mess.


Good on Dean. I kind of feel sorry for him. All that hard work with the 50 state strategy and success only to watch Obama and the establishment piss it all away.

As for the bill- kill it. It will do more harm than good.


Perhaps you could show me the secret handshake when you get a chance...


Thank you. That's what I wanted to do here when I started this blog.

Life As I Know It Now said...

whatever you do please support an antiwar movement near you. we have got to do something about these crazy assholes in power fucking our world up.

mary b said...

Please. I feel exactly the same as all of you. Maybe even more as my life literally depends on some kind of help with my medical problems.
But I'm gonna hold out with a tiny, tiny piece of hope.
We still have some good people in the House and Senate. (I think Rahm is a BIG problem).
Reconciliation!! Why, please tell me why they won't use it? Bush did it all the time and when people complaint he just told them to eff themselves.
I don't claim to be all that knowledgable about how government works. I learn as I go along. But why can't they pass a decent bill through Reconciliation?!

mary b said...

Please excuse my spelling and grammer. I was in a rant state of mind.

Aaron said...

I don't know what Obama or the Congressional Dems are thinking. But the result of the 2008 election is we'll get no health care reform, the wars show no sign of ending, and the economic crisis does not seem to have bottomed out. Depressing...

The good political news is that my Congressman from SW Washington, Lars Larson's favorite Democrat Brian Baird, has announced he will not seek reelection. The bad news is that he is almost certain to be replaced by a Republican. But at least that person, unlike Baird, will have the balls to actually call him or herself a Republican...

okjimm said...

It's good to see you back on the pages.
I tend to agree with you about the politics thingee, but the thing about ignoring politics is akin to ignoring Hemorrhoids.... they are still there and they still itch.

My solution is Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale. Helps you forget the itch .... for awhile.

ThoughtCriminal said...

I generally prefer to blog about fun things. But everybody needs to be reminded that as bad as Democrats can be when they behave like Republican Light, there is nothing to hope for from Republican Dark.

Distributorcap said...

i have been seriously considering giving this up - the national discourse is so awful and so discouraging - writing about just makes my head hurt

io am considering just changing topics

Ubermilf said...

Our federal government has become Of the Corporations, For the Corporations, and By the Corporations. I don't see any way to change it but one:

from the bottom up.

I don't think it's possible to change the big stuff, but I do think you can affect the small stuff in your community. So maybe, the solution isn't hammering away at our U.S. Senators and Reps, but at our school boards, park districts and town councils. And then moving upwards from there.

Whenever we (human beings in general) get in a hole, it doesn't seem like we get out with a leap and a bound. It seems like we have to claw our way out little by little. It may not be what any of us want, but I'm thinking it's the way it is.

Dr. Zaius said...

I think that you would feel a lot better if you blogged about chocolate cake. ;o)

Merry Christmas, Dean Wormer! ;o)

Fran / Blue Gal said...

I think what the past few months have shown is that there are two political parties in America. Inside the Beltway, which includes corporations, the MSM, and the politicians, and Outside the Beltway, meaning us.

One thing we can do is to continue to poke power with a sharp and funny stick. I defy you to keep your fingers off the keyboard when Mitt Romney announces his 2012 candidacy for President. ;)

Mauigirl said...

Merry belated Christmas and have a Happy New Year, Dean. I hear you on the disillusionment - and you are right, the Dems just give a time-out to GOP disaster - but without the time-out we'd be in even worse shape, if it is imagineable.

I still have hope but in the meantime I too haven't been blogging much about serious politics lately. We shall see what happens next year.

dguzman said...

Right there with ya. Haven't blogged about politics in ages; it's just too damned depressing.