Friday, November 14, 2008

Now, no prejudice intended, but I always check with the Bible on these here things.

Business owners who were supporters of Proposition 8 in California are whining that their support of the measure has led to a boycott.

"I'm frustrated by what's going on," said Dave Leatherby, owner of the Leatherby Family Creamery in Sacramento, commenting on the protests and court battles.

"Let's move on. I always told my children that once a rule was made, you have to abide by it. I think it should be the same in this circumstance."

Leatherby and his family donated about $20,000 for the passage of Proposition 8. A devout Catholic and father of 10, Leatherby supported the measure for religious reasons. He said his business has been targeted by bloggers as a result, and that he is particularly confused because his business has participated in the annual gay pride Rainbow Festival.

The fact that Dave's confused should go without comment. Dave apparently believes that gay people should be proud of who they are, while believing at the same time that they shouldn't enjoy the same rights as other American citizens. Your hypocrisy, Dave. It's showing.

(Must be nice to have 20k to donate to a political campaign. Add this to the whining and the world's smallest violin just got a little smaller.)

"Protesting is a time-honored American tradition," said Ned Dolejsi, executive director of the California Catholic Conference. Catholic leaders were active in the Yes on 8 campaign. "But it's unfortunate when it steps over into religious bigotry or harassment."

How dare you show prejudice against our bigotry!

Some Proposition 8 supporters say a minority of protesters have gone too far by targeting individuals. Opponents of the measure have called for a boycott of the California Musical Theatre after revelations that artistic director Scott Eckern, a Mormon, donated $1,000 to the Yes on 8 Campaign. Members of his church played a significant role in the campaign.

Artistic director for California Musical Theatre? Scott's lucky he is isn't dragged out of his office, thrown into the stocks and pelted with CDs of "Cats."

"It's disheartening that he is being singled out," said Lisa West, spokeswoman for the church in the Sacramento area. "We had hoped there would be more tolerance for different viewpoints."

See, it's just a matter of different points of view. Just because Lisa thinks that gay people are inhuman sinners going against God's will who will certainly be condemned to an eternity in hell screaming in agony and demons rend the boiling flesh from their bodies doesn't mean she isn't willing to sit down for coffee with them and hear what they have to say.

Although supporters of gay marriage believe the courts will come through for them and ultimately overturn this initiative on equal protection grounds, the supporters of Proposition 8 still seem defiant.

For now, Leatherby said, Proposition 8 should stand. "If they want to win me over," he said, "that's not how to do it."

Because appealling to your sense of humanity and Christian goodwill has gone so far up to this point, jerk. It's not our problem that you're a homophobic bigot. Deal.

Keith says it better than me:


Randal Graves said...

You won't ban me for saying out loud that Dave and Lisa should go fuck themselves with a hot poker, will you?

Dean Wormer said...

Of course not. In fact I'll second your motion.

Don Snabulus said...

Good views from both Dean and Keith.

The road to progress sometimes backtracks. That's for sure. The fight for equality continues.

People who have business interests are allowed to do what Leatherby did, but as with every business that fails to serve all their customers, the customers are allowed to make him regret letting his personal prejudice affect his business judgment. Maybe next time he will think twice before financing a political hot potato.

Always err on the side of freedom, I say. The majority of Californians did not see it that way, but they should have.

Lockwood said...

I'll second Don. No business has a "right" to customers. If I didn't like the political positions held by the owners of my favorite coffee shop, I wouldn't spend 8 hours a day sitting here. When a book shop owner acts like it's a major problem interrupting hs reading to ask a question on where I might find a particular book, I don't go back. A boycott isn't mandatory; if boycotters were blocking entrances and threatening customers, they should be removed. But business owners need to understand that what they sell is just a small part of what keeps them going. In this case, many are selling discrimnation and bigotry. I ain't buyin'.

Thomas Fummo said...

That video got me choked up.
His speech was beautiful. Just beautiful... but it made me feel sad too. It reminded me that we have this very same problem here in Italy... but no Keith to make such a speech.
We have that little odious pope, crying out to the heavens in which he so blindly believes that it is wrong and 'against nature'.

thank you for sharing and I really, from the bottom of my heart, hope that things turn round.

Fran said...

""Let's move on. I always told my children that once a rule was made, you have to abide by it. I think it should be the same in this circumstance."

Well if he thinks that, why did he donate so much cash to Prop Hate?


Ubermilf said...

Did these people miss their high school civics lessons?

Boycotting, protesting and free speech are built-in, non-violent means by which a minority can convince a majority to their point of view.

They shouldn't take a stance they aren't willing to back up with sacrifice.

pissed off patricia said...

I second Randal's comment!!

How narrow can the human mind get? Let's measure Dave's and Lisa's to see.

Dean Wormer said...


Well said. If they can't stand the heat, maybe they should stay out of the kitchen?


But business owners need to understand that what they sell is just a small part of what keeps them going. In this case, many are selling discrimnation and bigotry. I ain't buyin'.

Bravo. You'd think small business owners might take a hint from corporations that corporate citizenship is not just in vogue, but a necessity. People aren't just buying products these days. (Which is why I won't set foot in a Wal mart.)


I think things will turn around. I truly believe that change and progress are inevitable. Where I personally get frustrated and sometimes angry is that so many people have to suffer because some choose to fight progress without any good reason.


Good catch. I missed that. The rule was the original law on gay marriage which that guy refused to accept and worked to overturn. Asshat indeed.


That's why that article stuck out to me. These people are cowards who don't have the courage of their convictions.


I would guess their minds would be pretty damned narrow.

BAC said...

What Fran said!


Anonymous said...

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