Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last night was last night, and it's all there was, and it's all there is. There isn't going to be anything more between us.

Life is pretty good (though busy.) There are only three things making me bang my head on my desk today: politics, religion and sports. Other than those small things I haven't a care in the world.

With regards to politics the Lieberman vote yesterday by Senate Democrats has me seeing red. There are tons of theories as to the thinking of Reid and company to why they let Lieberman keep his chair. Many are willing to write it off simply to Senate collegiality. Others point to Ted Stevens' loss and the growing probability of hitting the magic 60 senators number (although the idea that Lieberman, not to mention Blue Dog Democratic senators, will vote the right way when is counts is beyond absurd.)

Personally, I subscribe to Jane Hamsher's opinion that the Democratic Senate just gave the base of the party the middle finger. Putting the base in our place after we all worked so tirelessly and donated so much to seeing Democrats increase numbers in the Senate and House and win the White House was the entire point of the Lieberman exercise. We can't let the moonbat rabble thing we're beholding to them or anything. They're sending us the message to not expect ANYTHING out of them even with Obama in the White House.

Yeah, well fuck you too Senator Reid.

While I'm on the subject of messages; many Catholic bishops are sending their flock the same message in light of the election results. 54% of Catholic voters went for Obama and these bishops are not happy.

Chicago Cardinal Francis George, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, is preparing a statement during the bishops' fall meeting that will press Obama on abortion.

The bishops suggested that the final document include the message that "aggressively pro-abortion policies" would be viewed "as an attack on the church."

Between the direct involvement of the church of LDS in the passage of Proposition 8 in California and the growing direct involvement of big churches in endorsing similar measures and candidates around the country I'm starting to feel a little victimized here myself.

We subsidize these churches through their tax-exempt status. I don't have a problem with that and consider it wholly constitutional. But when churches are engaging in the types of political advocacy we've seen lately, they're crossing a church-state line. Essentially they're taking my money and using it for something that, as in the case of Proposition 8, I violently disagree with.

Church leaders- take your tax-exempt status and shove it up your ass.

College football sent president-elect Obama and fans of the sport a message yesterday when the BCS signed a deal to move the broadcast of the bowl games from Fox to ESPN for the years 2011-2014. Besides the fact that this is a giant rasberry aimed at fans who don't subscribe to cable the real news here is this effectively locks in the stupid BCS system until that contract expires six years from now.

The end of the ESPN deal coincides with the date — 2014 — through which the B.C.S. commissioners have agreed to keep their current championship system in place. The commissioners met last April and considered a playoff proposal by Mike Slive, the commissioner of the Southeastern Conference, but voted against it and put off considering any changes until the end of the next television deal.

I can't think of any other sport where fans consistently root for the thing to go FUBAR so we can get rid of it as they do in college football with the BCS.

Dear BCS- message recieved. Now kiss my ass.

I think that's enough outrage for today.


Randal Graves said...

The Holy Joe isn't surprising at all. I've read some fire-n-brimstone takes, some "Obama is 72 moves ahead" ones. I think it's just the same ole, same ole. Dems aren't as evil as Goopers in their heart of hearts, but they're still part of the machine. At least we'll presumably kill less people over the next four years.

No more tax-exemption for cults. Period. Unless Cthulhu can get some of that scratch.

Division 1-A football. The ONLY sport in North America decided by computers and sportswriter geeks and not by the players.

I-AA (or the Bowl Subbasement or whatever the hell it's called) can do it.

All conference champs plus some at-large teams to get to 16. Tournament over four weeks. Piece. O. Cake. Like that wouldn't generate cash? Yeah, no one would watch that, plus all the scrub conferences would have at least one team so they can't bitch.

Dr. Zaius said...

I think you need some dessert and a nice nap.

Dean Wormer said...


re: Joe - I think that's true. Dems are part of the establishment. They don't like the idea that the rabble actually decide whether they get to keep their jobs.

re: churches - unless it's the Church of Elvis. That's a religon I can get behind.

re: football - Division 1-A football. The ONLY sport in North America decided by computers and sportswriter geeks and not by the players.

It's frustrating because pretty much everybody that's doesn't have money coming in from the current system agrees the current system is broken. I like your 16 team playoff but would settle for 8 at this point.


They tend to frown on cookies and napping at work. Unless you're the boss. Then it's expected.

Don Snabulus said...

Obama wouldn't have the kind of campaign $$$$ that he had without making deals with the devils who are now lining up for taxpayer bailout money.

Many of the rest of the Dems are in the same boat. Not many De Fazios out there.

ladybug said...

Left the Catholic herd awhile ago...although you already know that doncha? :P

Said but true, the social justice views of Dorothy Day have given way to an obsession w/abortion and gays.

Think they need to get back to advocating FOR basic needs IMHO..

PS They should be happy somebodys still wanting to get married these days....

Lockwood said...

Sports: Unimportant, no interest.
Religion: Cognitive Virus; tremendously important as the most epidemic mental illness in mankind, but I can't affect it. No interest.
Politics: I hates, I hates. Do Not Want. But terribly important. Must pay attention. Gackkk!

My big cheer-up for the day was the alternet headline in my inbox: "Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales Indicted | Ted Stevens Loses " Best headline ever? Well, it's certainly up toward the Nov. 5 headlines, but not quite. Now if we can just get these @$$holes to understand they're answerable to us. But that's asking a lot...

Mauigirl said...

Me, I subscribe to the "Obama is 72 moves ahead" theory that Randal mentions. Plus he did say he was going to try to have a less partisan government - which would entail forgiveness. I guess we shall see...

Ubermilf said...

Just settle down now.

Good things are happening. I can feel it.

Fran said...

Deep sigh.

You know how I feel about the church matter and I say that as the resident Roman Catholic voice of this corner of the blogosphere.

You should know I feel about Joe, but I am not at all surprised.

BC what? Heeheee - so not a sports oriented. I am sure that Mr. He Is has an opinion. He is still sleeping however!

Arkonbey said...

I could comment on Joe, but you have a lot of things bugging you (three in this post alone!) and I don't want to add to your stress level.

Anonymous said...

I miss the 24 Hour Coin Operated Church of Elvis. The only church where I really felt I fit in. But I'm pretty sure it didn't have tax exempt status, so why should the rest of them have it? The only thing the Catholic bishops will accomplish by their post election tantrums is to drive even more people away from their pews. My mother is a religious Catholic and anti-abortion. But she voted for Obama. Why? Because it's not the only issue that's important to her.

When it comes to college football I'm totally partisan. I'm in favor of the system that helps the Oregon Ducks win a national championship. If that's the BCS, great. If that's a playoff system, sign me up.

As for Lieberman, well...I can't speak rationally about him. Hate is the word that comes to mind.

Dean Wormer said...


Not many Defazios but Merkley did seem to come through on the Lieberman thing. I guess that comes from not being in Washington but being an average Democrat who has watched Lieberman shit on the base of the party from afar.


PS They should be happy somebodys still wanting to get married these days....

Damned straight.

Like you said- the church needs to focus on basic needs, especially in this economy.

My big cheer-up for the day was the alternet headline in my inbox: "Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales Indicted | Ted Stevens Loses " Best headline ever?

THAT is about as good as it gets. :-)


I would like a less partisan government as well but fear the writing is on the wall. For one thing I seriously doubt there are any elements of Obama's agenda that will be too small to fillibuster. It's not about the country for the people on the other side, it's about political points.


I think a Mai Tai may cheer me up. They hate it when I drink those at work.


You are the person that give me hope for the church. I hope that's not too much pressure...


Thank you. I think I need to stop reading the news part of the paper and switch over to the funnies.


It was a sad day when the church of Elvis closed. The king lives on in our hearts.

I'm happy to hear about your mom. Tell her hi for me. We spent a weekend with my wife's family just before the election and it was hell. She's not just Catholic, she's fringe Opus Dei Catholic. She makes's John Paul look like a pot-smoking hippy. Not bad in and of itself if she didn't turn every discussion, including something as benign as movies or television, into a discussion of the evils of Obama. Sigh.

I'm with you on the Ducks. I don't think it will ever happen for a PAC 10 team other than USC under the present system.

mwb said...

The Dems need Lieberman, because everyone else has caught on to Reid's much beloved "pull my finger" bit.

Except for Joementum who falls for it everytime.

BAC said...

You had me at politics and religion, but then lost me in the end. What can I say ... football is just not my thing ...