Monday, October 13, 2008

It's teaching its son all right. And, he's teaching its son just like people teaching its children, just like a papa.

We got to meet Swinebread Jr. this last weekend and I just want to say the kid puts every other baby to shame in the cute department. He is absolutely adorable and doesn't stop grinning, which is pretty cool for a two-month old.

It's kind of funny but as my kids get older I have to fight with them more and more for Swinebread's attention. From my oldest daughter who is into H.P. Lovecraft, to my middle daughter that loves anime to my boy who just loves comics they are picking Swiney's brain from the minute he walks in the door.

Mrs. Swinebread brought over some Ikea Swedish meatballs which were mighty tasty. They showed us a video of baby pictures that was pretty entertaining.

It's really an honor knowing those two in real life as they're a couple of the nicest people a guy could meet.


ladybug said...

Of course! He's the cutest baby around!

Overdroid said...

All hail Swinebreadia!
Viva la Cthulhu!
And we liked that.

Fran said...

That is so nice!!

Ubermilf said...

I love babies. And smiley babies most of all.

I'm so glad to hear about nice people.

Tell me more happy stories.

Randal Graves said...

They sound a little too nice. Might want to keep an eye on them, just in case. The tendrils of Cthulhu are found where you least expect them.

Dean Wormer said...




I for one welcome our swinebreadian masters.


isn't it?


most people who aren't politicians or actors are nice don't you think?


they do read the necromonicon instead of my pet goat to the kid from what I understand. Actually it's "The Watchmen."

Swinebread said...

We were sure glad to bring him over! We all had a great time!