Monday, September 22, 2008

But... but I'm a legend.

Okay, so my buddy calls me Friday night and says he has another ticket to the Boise/ Oregon Ducks game if I want to go. Since my son has already pointed out I'd be stupid not to go I was in.

My buddy has great seats in the corner by the endzone between the band and just above the team and cheerleaders. The weather was flat out perfect for Oregon in September as it was an unseasonal 80s for most of the day. The whiskey I snuck in in a pair of flask binoculars mixed well with the 7up they were selling.

The game itself was one of the strangest Duck games I've been to. We lost the game but it was mainly attributable to coaching decisions in my estimation which is a fairly rare occurrence as Mike Belotti is one of the best coaches in the country.

Our first and second string quarterbacks were out with injuries. Our third string quarterback Jerimiah Masoli isn't very mobile but he has a good arm. He started the game and was taken out with a concussion on a cheap late hit on our first series of possesions.

Our fourth string quarterback Chris Harper had a shoulder injury in preseason so he could play but he can't throw the ball. As a result we ran the ball on every single play in the first half. Every single play. The friendly crowd started to get ugly.

When this continued after the half Belotti finally decided way to late to burn the redshirt of our fifth string quarterback Darron Thomas. Thomas burned up the field with three touchdown passes leaving the Ducks just a bit short of the victory. Did I mention that they didn't run the ball at all after Thomas came in after running in on every play in the first half? Not even a draw play to keep them honest.

It was a great game none the same and I had a ball. Here's some pix I took---


okjimm said...

That looks like a lotta fun! What kinda whiskey? Canadian, bourbon or Scotch?

Dean Wormer said...


It was seagrams. We were mixing so I didn't want to go expensive.


Randal Graves said...

No cheerleader pics, but more than one of the duck? What the hell man?

Dean Wormer said...


Sorry. Don't revoke my guy license.

dguzman said...

That's one wacky duck.

ThoughtCriminal said...

Does Faber have a football team?