Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We do not train to be merciful here. Mercy is for the weak. Here, in the streets, in competition: A man confronts you, he is the enemy.

A bunch of other miscellaneous stuff---

Pop star Madonna pisses off John McCain. As would be expected conservatives are throwing a hissy fit. How those guys can see themselves as muy macho while they whine like children who've just had their favorite toy taken away every time someone looks sideways at their candidate just escapes me.


I watched some of the convention last night. A few observations--

It can't be emphasized enough that the talking heads suck. Most of the rest of the progressive blogsphere has talked about how the chattering hosts were simply clueless about everything they consider themselves "experts" on (I laughed out loud last night at a comment Charlie Gibson made about being a "political junky.")

My personal annoyance was how apologetic the media seemed at having to cover the dirty old democratic convention in the first place. Having to show Michelle Obama's biographical video sent the ABC hosts into a tizzy of warnings that the video was produced by democrats and they promise to show videos produced by republicans at the GOP convention next week. Never has the conservative domestication of the media been more apparent. Those guys are afraid of their own shadow.


Kennedy's speech had me in tears. I couldn't shake the feeling this is the last time we're going to see that guy in action. The Kennedy's have become nothing but a punchline to the right in this country but to me they're still heroes.


Shut up about the Clinton/ Obama spat already. There's no there, there. The media want to create a damned story line where none exists.


Michelle Obama's speech had me AND my oldest daughter in tears. It's too bad she had to devote part of it to explaining to the audience why she loves America. In a rational world that wouldn't even be in question. We don't live in a rational world.


I'm hoping that tonight and tomorrow night are the nights they trash McCain. Because he must be trashed. No mercy. Cobra Kai!


mwb said...

While I'm reading about it and I'll read the speeches I can't abide watching the conventions.

It's just the whole "bread and circuses" thing without the bread, which bothers me too much.

Spending as much as they (both parties) do for an extended photo-op just kind of offends me deeply.

Man, if they even did something token like peeled off 10% of the deca-millions spent toward homelessness in the host cities (and no giving the homeless "free haircuts" does not count!) - I could stomach it more.

Fran said...

When you cry, I cry.

It is that simple!

This post is the deaniest of them all- thank you.

Randal Graves said...

The fact they can be so wussy in the face of non-lethal attacks is the very definition of being a Maverick®.

Tears? That's not very Maverick-y. Unless you were a POW. Then you're allowed to eat babies.

If they DO trash McCain, I'll cry.

Dr. Zaius said...

Cobra Kai, indeed!

Even though your blog smells kind of funny, you have been awarded the Arte y pico Award!

Don Snabulus said...

If the Dems don't attack and fight, it will be an intentional act. The Dems are not afraid to get nasty when someone too progressive runs against a DLC candidate.

I don't buy the narrative that they are somehow too afraid or concerned about their image or naive about political strategy to fight. I just don't.

I am more concerned about the police state scenes and reports from Denver that make Chinese Olympic security look like the county fair in Mayberry.

I don't need to be inspired; I need someone who can get the f**king job done against these profiteering warmongers and would-be fascists. We can enjoy the speeches after we win. Watching another repeat of 2004 does not interest me.

Unconventional Conventionist said...

It sure is wild in town right now. Thuggity-thug-thug-coppishness EVERYWHERE!

So I wish they would use some of that energy on McCain like you say.

I'm hoping Obama can get him to totally lose his cool and snap during one of the debates.

Don Snabulus said...

Sorry for the tone. I get worked up a bit when I see American taxpayers money get used against them (cops against peaceful protesters).

Bradda said...

Bill Orally called Madonna his pinhead of the night. He should look in the mirror. I was switching between all the bobbleheads to see the differences and low and behold. Fair and balanced Fox only showed Teddy's and Michelle's speech. Everyone else was talked over. Every other station had the other speakers on air 'cept Fox. How much you wanna bet they air every person who gets near a mic in St. Paul?

Life As I Know It Now said...

If the convention is on ABC then no wonder I can't watch it. That is one channel I really can not get. Maybe I should go buy an antenna at Radio Shack or something and put it on our roof. Nah, I think I'll pass on that. You just watch it for me and I'll read about it on your blog.

pissed off patricia said...

Tonight is Bill's turn. If his heart is in it, he can rip the hell out of McCain by bringing up our rights which have been taken away and what things were like when he was in office. If he doesn't do it, hopefully Biden will.

I watch the speeches on c-span and leave the talking heads to talk to one another. I can make up my own mind without their help.

I saw Michelle's speech yesterday morning as a rerun on c-span. I was crying at the end. When that little girl blew a kiss to her daddy, I just melted.

Dean Wormer said...


I get that and agree that it's a waste of money.

I personally have a soft spot for great speeches given by progressive leaders which leads me to enjoy the democratic conventions at least. I'm specifically thinking of speeches by Jesse Jackson and Mario Cuomo in years past.

I realize the convention is really nothing more than a big pep rally at heart but with so much negative news that's sometimes what I need.


Awww. I feel like Charlie Brown.


Thanks and I'm trying to do something about the smell. That's why this blog has started wearing Axe.


That crap is pretty offensive with how the police are treating protesters. The rightwing protesters don't seem to be the ones getting the teargas even though they seem to be instigating stuff.

Speaking of the Chinese olympics protest the Denver police should've taken a page from them and simply refused to issue permits for protests. Voila! No protesters.


I'm hoping Obama can get him to totally lose his cool and snap during one of the debates.

That would be so cool but you know that has to be the thing they're really drilling the old guy on avoiding.


You again? :-)

No problem. It does suck. This isn't Russia, is it?


FOX is awful. I can't believe they got the pool feed job as well. Who they choose to film during a speech can send a message as well.


Or Youtube. Best way to catch stuff you missed if you ask me.


Cspan is the way to go.

I saw Michelle's speech yesterday morning as a rerun on c-span. I was crying at the end. When that little girl blew a kiss to her daddy, I just melted.

It's not that big a deal but it would be the coolest thing if we had kids in the white house again. I can't remember the last time there was somebody who still played with toys living there.

(If you don't count current occupant, of course.)