Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Persian cowards.

Via the Poor Man Institute we have another example of screwed up sexuality in conservatives, this time via their strange fixation on the film 300.

For those of you have yet to see 300, do yourselves a favor and see it. (Warning: Spoiler Alert)

This movie is not just about the past. It's about today. Right now.

It's about each one of you who stands in the breach against the enemy.

And it's about each one of you who stands against the enemy within, who would happily widen that breach.


And so I say to the left:We are the tip of the spear.

We will fight you. We will never yield.

This will not be over quickly. You will not enjoy this.

"Tip of the spear?"

"Over quickly?"

Why do I feel like Andy Dufresne in Shawshank prison when I read this?

Oddly this hysterical little rant in which the conservative author is quite serious about how conservatives resemble Spartans, reminded me of a funny remark I read last week in the comment section of Slash Film regarding the possibility of a sequel to 300.
I thought 300 was the most homo-erotic thing I have ever seen on screen. Coincidently, all the frat boys at my school loved it.

The 101st Fighting Keyboardists sitting alone in their parent's basement, waxing poetic about the courage and bravery demonstrated in 300 would do us all a favor if they would just admit that real appeal of that movie for them is that it has a bunch of buff, half-naked men running around jabbing other men with their big spears.

They might also want to check out Mamma Mia! when it's released in a couple of weeks. Although it won't be as bloody as 300, I'm sure they'll find something that appeals.


Spirula said...

We will fight you. We will never yield.

Yup. Battle cry of the Imperial Yellowstains.

(Usually followed by, "Mommy, do I have any clean Underoos?")

Randal Graves said...

Uh huh, it's obvious who the real homersexual here is. The wingnuts stopped talking about 300 a long time - huh. Last week, really?

At least I'm glad to find out we hate Western civilization. Guess we can sell the contents of our bookshelves full of Western authors and our CD collections full of Western composers and rock bands.

Whadda bunch of ultramaroons.

Don Snabulus said...

I've long suspected they can only see in sepia-tone.

Dr. Zaius said...

"A Sybarite, who ate at a public [Spartan] mess, once remarked: 'Now I know why the Spartans do not fear death.'" pbs.org

I guess that they didn't have any cake and ice cream. :o(

Overdroid said...

I enjoyed the battle scenes.

The moral of 300 seems to be that white people are the smartest, toughest, most noble and best people ever.

mwb said...

"...half-naked men running around jabbing other men with their big spears."

Tonight on C-Span After Dark...

Dean Wormer said...


Battle cry of the Imperial Yellowstains.


Followed by "For Cheetos!"


You are a perfect example of a hater of Western civilization you poetry-loving simp.

Actually I would love to hear a discussion between you and the guy that wrote that article about great authors. I would bet you would run rings around him when it came to knowledge of Western civ.


They also pick up the black/ white spectrum but color is out of their range.



I ate at Arby's once and I don't fear death either.


I thought the whole point of the movie WAS the battle scenes. Apparently there's some right wing subtext in the thing.


I'd love to watch Brian Lamb moderate that.

Swinebread said...

Of course the 101st fighting keyboardists know nothing of History or they’d realize that the Spartans were a bunch of proto fascists. They terrorized their own subjugated people. You didn’t become a Spartan Man until u strangled your 1st helot.

Plus fighting for your home is not the same as picking your nose while looking at your computer screen. If these jackasses really believe this crap they need to join up with the military right now and volunteer of service in Iraq. But of course they are cowards and would never do this.

Their support for clearly disproved ideals is stunning.

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