Monday, April 28, 2008

Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person will still think the sun shines out your ass.

I'm not happy that Barack Obama went on Fox this last weekend.

Who the hell is his audience here? Certainly not the base of the party which is PISSED that he broke the Democratic Fox boycott. Check out Markos' comments today raking Obama over the coals.

Along those lines Hillary Clinton is once again off her nut.

"My opponent, Senator Obama, opposes giving consumers a break from the gas tax," Clinton said at a firehouse. "I understand the American people need some relief," she added, implying that Obama doesn't get it.

Gas tax? Are you fucking kidding me?

The biggest reason progressives like myself think McCain's cut the gas tax idea is stupid is that there's absolutely no guarantee that will transfer to a price cut at the pump. The current tax is 18.4 cents/ gallon. Does anyone really believe that cutting that temporarily will mean the price of gas will drop accordingly?

Gas companies will drop the cost of gas by a couple of cents and pocket the difference. And the deficit will grow...


The dead-enders that make up the FOX viewership (Dick Cheney) and the knuckleheads who think cutting the gas tax will really help consumers represent the radical extreme of American politics today. You don't need to suck up to those crazies. They'll never vote for you anyway.

Please bring you respective campaigns back to a focus on actual, red-blooded Americans.

Conservatives don't count.


Spirula points out in the comments that Shell and BP just posted records profits. Amazing that they can do that with gas taxes as high as they are.

Arkonbey linked to another blogger's take that a federal gas tax holiday sends the wrong signal to consumers and is "tantamount to feeding chocolate bars to a fat kid to make him feel better about his weight." Crass, but true.


Westcoast Walker said...

I am still waiting for one of the candidates to be brave enough and utter the phrase "peak oil", though it is the elephant in the room likely to remain unnamed during election time. Unfortunately, gas prices need to stay high for a while in order for changes to occur, and Iagree that the tax cut, even if helpful short-term, won't make much of a difference.

It sucks yew, and will hurt a lot of people in the short term, though in the long run we will all be better off (I hope).

Arkonbey said...

What gets me is the talk about lowering the gas tax is going on at the same time as news stories on our crumbling automotive infrastructure.

It's the classic situation: people want safe roads. Taxes pay to help keep those roads safe. People don't want to pay taxes.

I don't have a problem with paying taxes; with a few exceptions, I get what I pay for. But the Right lowers taxes and we go broke. What I have a problem with is what Warren Buffet brought up last year: with Bush's tax cuts and other tax breaks, many millionaires pay less than their servants.

Oh. I just realized how long that was. It's like I'm writing a blog and keeping it stored in the comments fields of other blogs. But, that's what you get for posting discussion topics, Dean!

pissed off patricia said...

Hillary and McCain are using this "tax holiday" as a carrot the same way in 2000 bush used tax cuts as a carrot. Sadly greed overtakes wisdom with many Americans.

Meanwhile the asshole pundits think we should focus on every word of Rev. Wright and forget the things that really matter right now. I'm about ready to deep six my tv.

Randal Graves said...

arkonbey hit the proverbial nail with Mjolnir about 500 times over. Taxes are good. They pay for stuff that we - stinkin' rich, regular joe, poor folks - need and use on a daily basis.

As for the Fox thing, dean, don't tell me you actually watched it? Ugh. How many times did 'Osama' slip from the lips of the Stepford brigade?

Fran said...

I can't even think about it too much- my brain is hurting bad!


anita said...

Who falls for this kind of short-sightenedness and gimmickry? AS IF a $600 tax rebate is going to make college more affordable, AS IF a few weeks of slightly cheaper gas is going to make people forget they don't have health insurance. Too many AS IF's to count.

Dean Wormer said...


I am still waiting for one of the candidates to be brave enough and utter the phrase "peak oil", though it is the elephant in the room likely to remain unnamed during election time.

That would be something to see.

There were a bunch of other ways to tackle the short-sightedness of a cut in the gasoline tax from a progressive pov. The environment, peak oil, cutting down consumption and forcing people towards mass transit.

But Hillary chose to single out consumers so that's how I tackled her plan. From a consumer's point of view it won't work.


Agreed. The crumbling infrastructure should be one of the top 3 issues driving this election yet none of the major candidates even discuss it.

Buffet was right. We need to close loopholes for fat cats who skate on taxes while the people that work for them pay the lions share of taxes out of their own wages. Bastards.


Meanwhile the asshole pundits think we should focus on every word of Rev. Wright and forget the things that really matter right now. I'm about ready to deep six my tv.

Do you own a pistol? You could do the Elvis thing to it.

I'm really disapointed in Wright. I'm one of those that agree his comments were taken out of context. Giving interviews and speaking to the National Press Club won't fix that.

I know he means well and maybe it's easy for me to say when I haven't had my character assasinated on the national stage but all he's doing is forcing the trivial once again into the center of the presidential election. We've had quite enough of that already.


I only watched a little. What's his name seemed very respectful. I suppose they'll save the sucker questions for the next time he comes on.

I'm just saying that I support the idea of elected democrats completly ignoring FOX. They're not a news channel and don't need to be treated as such.




"Gimmickry" is right. Bunch of Snake Oil salemen, the lot of 'em.

Spirula said...

Americans are tore up from the floor up thanks to these wankers.

Hey! Who saw this coming? I'm sure the MSM will drop the silly-ass Wright stuff to cover it. You know how they prefer to focus on issues over hyperbole.

(Dean, have you gotten the hamburger phone for your daughter yet?)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

She just does not get it.

Arkonbey said...

Another person's though on this subject. He offers up some interesting thoughts.

dguzman said...

Well said, sir.

Don Snabulus said...

I am going to set up my rotten tomato shield here and hope I don't provoke too many...

Given: Fox News is, as a news agency, a fraudulent one.

Given: Chris Wallace is not a reporter in the sense his father once was.

Given: The Democrats really should strategically marginalize Fox News as much as possible.

With all that said, I saw several minutes of that interview on YouTube and I have to say that Wallace was FAR more fair than Stephanopolous and Gibson were at the ABC debate (not saying Wallace was fair, just closer to it). Also, Obama handled even the zingers well as far as I could see. All in all, it went well considering how it could have gone.

I read about the Kos thing etc. over at and the right wingnuts in the comments were overjoyed at Democratic outrage with their own candidate. In the great scheme of human events, this was a bump in the road and I don't plan on adding to their joy by getting mad at Obama.

I don't care what Obama says between now and November as long as he gets elected and provides some semblance of sanity to our government. Our problems are no longer trivial.

Whoever wins, I am partying hard on Inauguration day even if Nutty McCainiac wins because NOBODY will be worse than Bush because nobody will have that luxury come 2009.

Life As I Know It Now said...

On NPR yesterday they spoke about how Obama and Clinton are dead even in Indiana and so both are hoping to pick up the Independents and the disgruntled Republican voters, so that would explain why both of them pander to the right so much.

Dean Wormer said...


I'm glad I was sitting down when I clicked on your link because color me SHOCKED to find out BP/Shell are hitting massive profits.

But it's the gas tax that's driving up the price of gas.


Monkey von Monkey-

I don't think she does.


Great link. They said it better than I could.




No need for the shield.

(Sucker throws a rotten tomato at don when he lets his guard down.)

You fall for that every time!

I get what you're saying and your point was essentially the same one that Kos made yesterday.

I think part of the point of the boycott of Fox is to send a message to the other networks like the ABCs of the world that if they insist on treating democrats and republicans under two different sets of rules then there will be consequences.

It's disenheartening that we can't even get our two remaining candidates for the presidency to honor that boycott against what's arguably the key propoganda arm for the Republican party these days.

Let's also not forget that part of how the right was able to change the media landscape slowly but surely (besides buying everything) was to scream bloody murder whenever they were wronged.

But you points are well taken.


That makes perfect sense. I think they're kind of poking a stick in the eye of the base at the same time. That's what I'm saying.

Dr. Zaius said...

Hillary is just desperate because her numbers are so bad. She will say anything at this point to get what she wants.

Dean Wormer said...


It really is a sad spectacle.

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