Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I wish I didn't love ya; maybe I can enjoy life again.

So many cool things flying around the interwebs---

WGA Strike Over. Hooray for the writers! Does this mean American Gladiators will now be going away? Please?

Mike Huckabee says he doesn't want to be Vice President. That makes him and 300 million other Americans that agree with him. Or President for that matter.

Tomorrow is Indiana Jones 4 Trailer Day. I may even call in sick to work. My fourteen year old daughter is as excited as I am (she sent me a camera shot of the poster the minute she saw it in a theater lobby.)

M.A.S.H. set being rebuilt as possible camping site. Cool. How much fun would it be to have a drunken martini party in "the swamp?"

This Sick Astronaut story has an "Apollo 13" vibe to it. All I can see when I read about it is Tom Hanks peering out of a porthole at the moon. So close - yet so far.

Cthulhutech? What a really, really stupid idea. Still - it's nice to know Lovecraft has fans who don't even get his stories. It's called chaos, baby.

Blue Gal enjoys a bowl of Wild Animal Crunch for her morning-after-election breakfast.


Don Snabulus said...

Cthulhutech, eh? After RTFA-ing I see what you mean. Cthulhu has finally jumped the shark...chaos tamed and exploited for cash.

The other stuff is cool too.

Dean Wormer said...

Why not start a new Cthulhu-centered television series?

"Azathoth: Boy Lawyer."

Randal Graves said...

Hell, why not give it the SNL treatment.

"But I'm just a Shoggoth. Your world frightens and confuses me."

Yog-Sothoth has 750 hit points! He CAN be killed!

I hate when geeks give the rest of us geeks a bad name. ;-)

Dean Wormer said...


Ha! Unfortunately Phil Hartman isn't around to play the Shoggoth. Perhaps Patrick Warburton instead?

I hate when geeks give the rest of us geeks a bad name.

It's so damn embarrassing sometimes. It makes me want to hid my RPGs and throw away my 10-sided dice.