Monday, August 27, 2007

Diaboli virtus in lumbis est. Diaboli virtus in lumbis est.

Adios Alberto!

Word is he's off to private practice to represent Michael Vick. Apparently his strategy will be that Vick wasn't "torturing the dogs to death" he was using "alternative interrogation methods."

Since we went from the awful AG John Ashcroft to the odious Alberto Gonzalez I can only assume that Hitler's resurrected corpse will be the next tapped by Bush to fill the office. A recess appointment won't be necessary as Senate Democrats will trust Bush's judgement in these matters.


Don Snabulus said...

A Hitler zombie would not surprise me at this point. Your connection between Gonzales and Vick brings up a point I see in media and among Americans.

Isn't it funny though how blase' the press and people are about the real-life horrors green-lighted by Gonzales and Rumsfeld, but people just MUST HAVE JUSTICE for Michael Vick, who was doing what Foster Farms and cosmetics labs do every day, killing animals without emotion or conscience.

I am in favor of justice for Michael Vick and it will come, but this is another one of those "human nature" situations that puzzles me; just like the people out hunting for Poopsie after Katrina while hundreds of people were dying.

I love animals, but the humane treatment of people should always come first. I am also a meat eater, but I try to remain aware of exactly the price living beings are paying for my sustenance.

It seems as though many in our nation forget these basic connections that make humanity important.

Other Don Snabulus said...

Don Snabulus,

The point of this post is Alberto Gonzales, not what YOU think about the rights of people over animals.

I don't precisely recall what Alberto Gonzales did or what the point of this post was; I will need to check with my people. No, I am certainly not smirking at a bunch of angry Senators. Whatever I remember, I am sure I do so with integrity and it is sad that politics is going to unfairly tarnish my comment. This entire post is an executive secret and I cannot speak more without compromising national security.

I wonder how this kind of defense would hold up in traffic court.

Other Other Don Snabulus said...

Other Don Snabulus said:

The point of this post is Alberto Gonzales, not what YOU think about the rights of people over animals.

That WAS part of the point of the post. Your unfocused tirade afterward shows a passive-aggressive kind of mendacity in facing up not only to the brutal legacy left behind by Mr. Gonzales, but the rubber stamping of those who claim to be champions of human rights in this country. As a attempt at humor it failed miserably.

Don Snabulus said...

Sorry, I fell asleep for a moment there. For a moment, I had a dream that these two people claiming to be me were...

...Son of a...!!!!!

Dean Wormer said...


Don snabulus has a point. However- Don snabulus is also full of shit.

I haven't had much time for posting or responding to posts but I am reading your blog, Swine's blog.

Animals are delicous.

It is strange to contrast Vick to Gonzalez. That wasn't where I was going but it does say a ton about our society.


Swinebread said...

Bedtime for Gonzo!