Monday, August 06, 2007

Big John, do you think this boy is a hustler?

Of course the Democratic cave-in to Bush on FISA this weekend made my head explode. I'm still looking for my left ear. I suspect the Chihuahua might have gotten it in which case there go my hopes for the really cool Terminator-style shades I was planning on wearing through the rest of the summer. I'll just tell people I had a run in with Mike Tyson.

I don't think I have to say much about what happened with the Democrats, particularly in the Senate, because most of you probably agree that they once again demonstrated their proclivity for spineless political cowardice.

This administration shouldn't be dictating anything to anyone. Congress should have Bush sit in the corner with a "dunce" hat on while they work. Instead they let him run rampant around the classroom screaming and braying like the spoiled brat he is.

Let me just sum it up this way; I'm trying to find a way to get into a high stakes poker game with Harry Reid, Ben Nelson and the rest of the Democratic Senators. I'm quite sure I could clean their clock. I would be a very, very rich man after that game.

These guys are a text-book demonstration of what poker "tells" one should try to avoid in a game. Look at the watch repeatedly? Check. Let your opponent know you're nervous? Check. Fold on every hand? Check. Never mix-up your strategy? Check.

These guys are home for the August recess and presumably facing their constituents. They're going to be standing in front of us naked, except for the fish barrel they'll be holding over themselves, Bush having taken them to the cleaners. They're going to be telling us what great players they are and how we ought to continue staking them. They want us to believe they're sharks.

It's going to pretty damn confusing to them when we laugh in their faces.


Swinebread said...

They are in their bubble in DC.

Don Snabulus said...

There is always a reason...maybe they aren't done filling their coffers at the hands of defense know, like the Republicans do...national interest be damned.

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ladybug said...

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