Monday, April 02, 2007

No, no that one I save just for me.

For some reason I've been unable to get this YouTube video of a sailor who was serving in Iraq surprising his six-year old son and his class but for some reason it doesn't seem to show up.

Needless to say I found the whole thing pretty moving. Sure it's cheesy that there are cameras there but the kid's reaction is genuine and just breaks my heart.

Over at Fark both sides are bitchin' about the propaganda aspect of the piece. I guess I don't see what my fellow libs are complaining about. There is simply no way to see that boy and his parents crying and think that this war is a good idea.


Don Snabulus said...

This video shows that the sacrifices of war go far beyond the battlefield and the individuals directly called into it.

It is also short enough to leave so many questions unanswered and that too is one of the sacrifices of war; win, lose, or draw.

That is why sane leaders try to avoid war when it is not necessary.

Swinebread said...

I can't wait for the video of when they tell the little boy that his daddy is dead and he's never coming home...

Why haven't I seen that on the news yet?

Dean Wormer said...


I agree that there are a LOT of stories that aren't being told. You're right that there are far worse tragedies.

This is just a small glimpse as don points out of how this war is effecting a lot more than the guys that are over there.

The thing that sticks in my head is that kid has had way too much worry in his life for somebody his age. It just sucks.