Thursday, January 04, 2007

He'd listen to everyone's opinion and then make his own decision.

How can you not like the actor Wil Wheaton? The guy has enough of a sense of humor that his reviews of his own Star Trek The Next Generation episodes come off as pretty damn funny.

Down on the planet, Wesley is jogging around with his new friends. Unlike the adults, who are busy getting their freak on in Plato's Retreat, the kids are busy showing off their gymnastic skills. One of the Edo boys walks on his hands! Oh! Wesley got served! But wait! Wesley serves back with some cartwheels and a roundoff, and IT'S ON!

In fact, it's so on, the girl (who was played by a really sweet girl named Judith Jones, who played my girlfriend on an after school special called My Dad Can't Be Crazy, Can He?) gets so hot for Wesley, she asks him if he'll "teach her" how to "play ball."

Oh, you bet, baby. Uncle Wesley will teach you how to play ball. Why don't you just slip into this latex bodysuit and put on this wig first, and then we'll play all sorts of ball, you dirty little bitch.

Uh. What just happened? Sorry about that.


Overdroid said...

He's a funny guy. And a lot of fun to work with. And he plays Dungeons and Dragons. Oops. Just outed him. Damn.

Dean Wormer said...

Yes, we would have never guessed he was a nerd had you not mentioned he plays dungeons and dragons.

Does he know the rules? I hear that helps with role-playing games.