Friday, November 17, 2006

You'll shoot your eye out, kid.

It wouldn't be the holidays without the hype of some sort of must have gaming console. Yesterday's Big O ran a front page story on a college guy who is paying people to wait in line with him all this week at Best Buy so he can purchase a bunch of Playstation 3s as soon as they go on sale. He plans on flipping them for at least $2000.00 profit on each on ebay.

The article posited that this sort of thing was just adding to the cynicism of the holidays. I think that's true but I don't think it's fair to blame those that are taking advantage of the situation such as that enterprising college student. If there's a real bad guy here it's the manufactures of these systems; Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo that intentionally ferment scarcity in order to elevate the hype and sell more systems. Not sure what can be done about that business practice but they're all weasels just the same.


Don Snabulus said...

Keep playing Pong. That'll show them.

Overdroid said...

I can't get Pong. It's freakin' sold out! I'll have to wait till Jan.

Dean Wormer said...

Also- those bastards at Atari are just as bad.

I'm sticking with Rock/paper/scissors.


Anonymous said...

I'd still be playing Pong if my mom hadn't thrown it out along with the other relics of my wasted youth like Squad Leader the WWII tactical board game and my poster of the 1980 Portland Timbers (now THAT would be worth something, I could be putting my kids through college).

Dean Wormer said...

My Squad Leader got tossed too. It's still on sale but it's ridiculously expensive.

There was a game called "War of the Rings" that I really wish I had. It was a LOTR strategy game that's virtually impossible to pick up for less than $100.00 on ebay.

Sorry about your Timbers poster. RIP.