Thursday, November 30, 2006

Well surprise, surprise.

So the Iraq Study Group, also known as the Iraq CBA ("Cover Bush's Ass") Group comes to the stunning conclusion that the best option for Iraq is withdrawal of U.S. forces, but refuses to put a timeline on such a withdrawal. We should pull out of Iraq? Thanks for the hard work figuring that out, Captain Obvious.

The longer this drags on the more dangerous the inevitable withdrawal will be. Delaying the withdrawal simply because President Chuckles and the chattering classes don't want to admit they were wrong on the war is a morally wretched position that puts their reputation before our troops' lives.

I don't give a flying figg if George W. Bush goes down in history as the architect of the worst U.S. policy debacle in history. What I want is our covenant with the troops to be honored. Their service is based on trust in the wise stewardship of their leaders. Neither Bush nor the Iraq Study Group are providing that.

Scenes like that pictured below involving REAL marines have got to stop.


Don Snabulus said...

Gens. Schwarzkopf, Powell, Clark, and Shinseki would have been logical choices to "study Iraq." James Baker is only a stockholder/dividend taker in this war.

Dean Wormer said...

That is a terrific observation Don. Very few actual soldiers/ former soldiers involved in that group.

On top of that the word "study" is such a negative to George W Bush that he'll probably ignore anything they say anyway.

Anonymous said...

"Wise stewardship" is indeed what our troops deserve from their leaders. I'm afraid they will have to wait until inaguration day, 2009.

Overdroid said...

I heard the study group also discovered that oil is used to make gasoline and that gravity pulls things down. Although I still want to hear from the anti-gravity coalition before making any snap decisions.

Aaron - and then when the Democratic pres pulls out of Iraq, it will all be his fault.

Dean Wormer said...

Aaron - and then when the Democratic pres pulls out of Iraq, it will all be his fault.

I'm worried that we won't even get a Democratic nominee that will go that far. Duncan posited yesterday that the Democratic primary will be between those that think the war is going terribly but we should stay and damn dirty hippies who think we need to pull out.

Ironic that everybody trying to look tough by supporting the war ends up looking like a cowardly pansie instead.

But Aaron's right- we won't even get to see real leadership until President Chuckles steps on that Marine helicopter for the last time and waves goodbye.