Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Devil's Snare hates sunlight! Lumos Solem!

Crooks and Liars has a great Olbermann bit in which he revists the recent demise of the right of habeas corpus.

And before we reduce the very term "habeas corpus" to something vaguely recalled as sounding kinda like the cornerstone of freedom, or maybe kinda like a character from "Harry Potter," we thought a Countdown Special Investigation was in order.


Anonymous said...

Scary stuff. Under the guise of fighting "terrorism" (so much vaguer than "communism", no danger the enemy will ever be defeated) the Bushies are destroying our civil liberties. I hope that when (if?) a Demo is president he/she will restore those liberties. My fear is that that Dem will be tempted to use the expanded presidential powers created by Bush, like Gandalf tempted to use the One Ring for good.

Dean Wormer said...

True, but I think a Democratic president would cause enough Republicans to suddenly "come to God" with regards to the Bill of Rights that the Patriot Act et al would quickly meet their demise.

My outside worry is that they don't plan on their ever being a President that doesn't have an R after their name.

Hope all is well buddy!