Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You are SO going to be assimilated! Resistance is totally futile! Seriously.

Hey Everyone,
I'm filling in for the Dean while he's gone, don't tell him I had my feet up on his desk, or that I broke his replica of the Sistine Chapel, or that I drank his scotch. Sorry if you were expecting a political entry, I have nothing like that to add right now. I just thought I'd pass on something about my new favorite website.

Wikipedia. Sure, (yawn) you already know about Wikipedia, it's yesterday's news - been there, done that . . . and so thought I. Until I discovered that Wikipedia has a wealth of information about fictional things. For example, did you know that the Borg Queen was assimilated as species 125? Did you know that the Bizarro homeworld is known as Htrae and has a cubic shape because Superman made it into a cube? Or that Kamandi was the last boy on earth? So the next time you need a time vortex to suck you away from work, look up that old TV show or comic book that no one remembers but you. You'll be glad you did. Until your boss comes.


Don Snabulus said...

Wikipedia rocks! Sure, there are a few people who try to vandalize or scandalize it, but it is generally an awesome resource.

Welcome to the boss chair OD.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Donnie. What does this switch do . . . GET DOWN!

Don Snabulus said...

Ahem. I would like my left arm back please.

Dean Wormer said...

Back from the coast. Thanks Overdroid for the fill in and... hey, what happened to my hand-made Sistine Chapel I made myself using only Hubba Bubba and popsicle sticks?

Who drank all my scotch?

Why are there footprints on my desk?

Who used my Tantalus Field?

Why is there an arm laying here?