Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We did it lass, you and me.

The blogsphere, especially the lefty side of the blogsphere, seems rightly excited about the political demise of Tom DeLay. Atrios even goes so far as to do a Snoopy happy dance.

When it comes to being happy that DeLay's hubris finally brought him down I'm right there with them. I'm ready to break out that old bottle of scotch I've been saving.

But there is a little part of me that's not so sure this is entirely a good thing. In the same way so many of us are rooting for Katherine Harris to continue her disasterous senatorial bid in Florida, I considered DeLay to be a drag on the entire Republican ticket and a rare chance to pick up a House seat in Florida. I realize it may be past time for the G.O.P to legally put up a candidate for DeLay's seat but when have they ever let the law stop them?

I worry this may mean they retain the seat not that they have DeLay out of the way and in this election EVERY seat will count.


Don Snabulus said...

It is more important that he is exposed as a criminal than whether he sits in Congress until the election.

Go Ronnie Earle!

Dean Wormer said...

Yeah, but the criminal thing was going on anyway.

For the good of the country we need him to be prosecuted but we also need his party out of power.

Ronnie Earle is da man, though.