Saturday, April 22, 2006

Don't shove me Harv. I'm tired of being shoved.

Pink sings to the Prez about "hard work."

Via Americablog


Anonymous said...

Couldn't even listen to all of it. To start with, it's way too nice to him. Second, and probably more telling, as a Liberal and a Democrat, even I am starting to get sick of Hollywood people and performers speaking out about Bush with their "art." It makes what our President is doing seem less evil. And it's really evil. I don't want songs and celebrities - I want serious questions asked by people that can hold this whiskey swilling motherfucker and all of his amoral greedy toadies, sycophants, and enablers responsible. This song isn't going to put our retarded mistake of a commander in chief in jail where he belongs. It'll just encourage the right to take us less seriously. And I want them to take us seriously. I want them to quake in their little booties and pee their little panties, because we have the facts, and we have the voice and the courage to speak the truth, and uncover all the hypocritical crap that runs in their veins and out of their mouths. I mean seriously? PINK?!? If we're lucky maybe Bobby Mcfarlen will right a song next about abu graib.

Don Snabulus said...

I don't care what the right thinks about things. They won't take anyone seriously until they've been beaten and beaten again. They are wrong and we are right.

Erasing what Pink or George Clooney or Tim Robbins or anyone has to say won't change how the right responds to people. They have both the governmental power and the media right now and they will smear anything. Wresting both powers is going to take a change at the ballet box and in the culture. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Ronald Reagan, and Sonny Bono aren't looked at embarrassingly by Republicans for having an opinion.

I didn't care about Pink before, but she has guts knowing that she is facing down the greatest smear machine in history and saying her peace anyway.

Dean Wormer said...

Let's not forget that the Chicks took a ton of crap just for making an offhand remark, not even singing a song critical of the President.

I see those kids singing along with Pink and I feel hopeful. The dike is cracking and Rove doesn't have enough hands to plug all the holes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because I just don't like the song. Maybe if I knew all the kids listening to the song would call their representitives every day and ask for some accountability, but I think that's unlikely. I totally support the Dixie Chicks and I have more respect for their comments that got them banned than this song. It just seems to me that it is the equivalent of saying "Bush is a Dummy." Maybe it's because I've heard Ani DeFrancoe's music which is much smarter and has been around for way longer.

Don - I agree with you if by the Right you mean the %36 base that supports Bush no matter what, but that's not the entire Right. Saying that we are right and they are wrong is an oversimplification (unless you are referring to the %36). I have friends who are Republicans (not many) who really have no idea what their party has become. Some rats are starting to desert the ship, and some Republicans are wising up to the evil juggernaught their party has become, but there are still some reasonable people over there. There are some people deluded by propaganda, and in some cases we have to blame the propaganda (the MSM and FOX) and not the people. I think if more people could be educated about what was going on there would be more converts. I literally would have no idea how bad it has become if I didn't read blogs. The way people recieve news is in a transitional time right now, and if the powers that be have their way the internet will be just as controlled as television and print are. I don't think anyone should be erased, I'm just saying it annoys me. I don't have the power to erase anyone, and if I did I think you know where I would start. Also, if you don't think that the Gropenator and the others you mentioned are an embarrassment for the Rethugs - I think you're wrong.

I had a discussion with Frank about this and his opinion is that people need to feel something in their hearts before they do anything. He might be right, but what I am seeing in America right now is the result of an attack on reason itself, or maybe just a deteriation of reason. I don't think that if everyone just voted for Democrats that would solve the problem, I would much rather people EDUCATE themselves about the ISSUES using an ubiased source of information and vote based on that. I really doubt many voters do that.

To sum up - I don't have a problem with what the song is about, and I'm not even saying it won't have a positive effect, but that it annoys me.

Dean Wormer said...

(unless you are referring to the %36).

That would be 33%

Soon his own dog won't even come when it's called.

Happy to correct that for you.

Don Snabulus said...


Fair enough. Pink is more like Britney than the Dixie Chicks or Springsteen. I am glad she is speaking to her demographic though as I think you are. I also understand your point about the variations of how people think. I am more concerned that the 33/36% minority has 95% of the power right now and they are pretty much in lockstep and 99% wrong on any issues worth discussing. Breaking their grip on power will bring along the moderates and allow a public airing of the transgressions of these folks. At that point, I think the conservatives coasting along without thinking will have a chance to see what the Bush admin has wrought (rot?).

I wish people would get up to speed as well on issues. I am currently in favor of a scope of cutback in government power that many Democrats and liberals would be very uncomfortable with and therefore I remain an independent. However, I recognize the Democrats as champions of regular people rather than the ruling class (as the rich have become) and so they receive my votes more often than not.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree - and I think we are probably similar in our broader political views.
I believe it's 33.5693747262693984839402039483762623847053%
Just trying to be accurate ;)
Uncle J.