Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Please sir, I want some more.

Blazers go begging

Poor, poor Paul Allen. His Portland Trail Blazers could lose $100 million in the next three years. His $21 billion fortune could be gone by 2636!

So of course Microsoft's No. 2 geek has his minions making noise about what they call the worst lease in the NBA, so much noise that Commissioner David Stern rushed to Portland this week. But not to talk with Allen about his habit of signing the likes of Zach Randolph and Darius Miles to grotesquely oversized contracts; no, he's meeting with civic leaders to see if they might have any spare change for Allen's hobby.

``Paul has been committed to the team for a long time, but we really need help here,'' spokesman Steve Crosby said. ``And Commissioner Stern laid it out nicely. We're looking at all options.''

How about, for a buck apiece, fans take the paddle and whack Allen as he says, ``Thank you, sir, may I have another!'' That should raise at least $4 million.

I'd pay more than a buck to take a whack at Allen. Probably the last straw for me is when they refused to put Clyde Drexler into the front office after he retired and were stingy about retiring his number.

Word is Allen wants to buy the Sonics. Good riddance to him and his pathetic management of a once great Portland institution.


Don Snabulus said...

Here. Here. They completed Step 1. Get rid of Whitsitt's petty criminals. Now they need to complete Step 2: Get rid of the petty tyrants driving the team into the ground.

Don Snabulus said...

Maybe that should have been, "Hear. Hear."

Dean Wormer said...

I always mix up that "Hear. Hear" thing. I think "Here. Here" is for use when you're trying to signal the search party when trapped in a cave.

You catch Brian Meehan's kiss-ass to Allen in the paper today?

He seems to think the Blazers are on the edge of leaving, probably to Memphis.

Don Snabulus said...

Yeah. Bleeding hearts for the rich. That's what I think when tycoons believe a city owes them a profit.